At Livehaf, Senior Creative Content Strategist is central to everything we do: transforming great ideas into compelling creative for our content. As a Senior Creative Content Strategist for the Creative team, you’ll play an integral role in creating the best content production experience for our creative team.


You will tailor your pre-production strategy to audiences, platforms, and culturally relevant moments. You will draft a convincing check-list, proofread, and fact-check the content plan (Product, Talent, Properties, Location, and Accommodation) to make sure everything is accurate based on the PPM Meeting. As a result, you will confidently deliver the pre-production strategy to the team.


As a member of the Creative team, you will be at the forefront of deciding who and what will be visible to the public on our social media platforms. As our content grows rapidly, you will also get to experience high levels of engagement with the Talent and Brand Ambassador who have limited time for us. This implies that you will also appropriately overcome any problems that require quick fixes.


You will work closely with the Assistant Creative Content Supervisor and Senior Videographer to make the most extensive viral content in the Fashion Retail Industry, and you are in charge of making sure that the supporting documentation for this process is easy to access for the entire team.


In order to succeed in this role, you should have a passion for selling the ideas as much as you love crafting them.



  1. Maintain organized files and databases, both physical and digital, for Creative materials (all paperwork related), contacts, and other relevant documents.
  2. Batching, uploading, and copywriting content for TikTok and Instagram.
  3. Manage the logistics by scheduling talent, reserving venues, and liaising with vendors from pre-production to content production.
  4. Provide on-site support during shooting, such as Prepare and order accommodation, prepare and check Livehaf Product and the supporting properties.
  5. Process invoices and expense reports related to creative team activities.
  6. Provide general support to the creative team as needed, including running errands, ordering supplies, and coordinating meetings or presentations.
  7. Find and classify Model / KOL from various industries and communities to create content and campaigns that align with the Livehaf brand.
  8. Reach out to KOLs, foster connections, and understand their interests.
  9. Negotiate partnership agreements, compensation terms, and deliverables with third parties to ensure mutual benefit.
  10. Create the deck for the catalog and outdoor photoshoot, the TikTok video production location, and the Model / KOL Preference.
  11. You will be responsible for writing scripts for at least eight TikTok content pieces each month.


  1. Min. Bachelor Degree from Any Major
  2. Min. 2 years for working in creative content strategist
  3. Advanced knowledge and prior experience doing scriptwriting, copywriting, and directing content for TikTok.
  4. Excellent writing and communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Have a good sense of content awareness with the perfect blend of creative and technical skills
  6. Creative and highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  7. Proven record of excellent creative content strategist demonstrated in a portfolio
  8. A deep understanding of TikTok Algorithms, ID Cultures, trends in TikTok and other Social Media.
  9. Ability to spot trends and assess new data in order to provide content idea recommendations
  10. Willing to work full time 5 days a week at BSD, Tangerang, Banten

You will be successful in this role if you accomplish these goals:


  1. You upload contents according to the timetable that has been set.
  2. The data on invoice and expense that you propose matches the creative activities.
  3. You memorized the entire Livehaf Product name.
  4. You make very few mistakes in organizing supporting materials and logistics for the content production.
  5. You reduce the Assistant Creative Content Supervisor's workload by at least 60%.
  6. Within six months, you earn the trust of the CEO and Assistant Creative Content Supervisor, enabling you to assemble your own team independently and create TikTok content for at least twelve videos each month that generate sales.