Livehaf is a direct-to-consumer brand, we are neither a FOB, nor a department store. Here, we select, purchase, inspect, and then send the raw materials to our factory. We also oversee the standards of how the product is manufactured in the factory. It is what gives Livehaf so many benefits via those procedures. We offer the highest quality of products at the most value for money. There is no middleman in the Livehaf production process; we fully control every aspect of it from the start to the end. We also maintain complete control over the supply chain, preventing any possibility of markups. For this reason, the Quality Control position at Livehaf is extremely challenging.

Quality Control in Livehaf will be directly working for the Company Growth. This role helps to maintain consistency and quality and ensure that all garments meet a specific set of standards, specifications, and regulations. The ideal candidate will be an experienced, knowledgeable individual who understands form a-z quality control process, will maintain the process in factories in a way that combines the products’ concept from merchandising team.

You are in charge of our product's quality as a quality control. As the final person in charge of delivery approval, it is your responsibility to collaborate closely with the merchandising team (Merchandiser, Quality Assurance, Fashion Designer) to guarantee that the product fulfills the concept from the beginning of the sampling process to the point at which it is delivered from the factory to the Livehaf Warehouse.

You will always be available at the factories of Livehaf’s partners in Tangerang, Bogor, and Bandung. You should be a very detail-oriented candidate so that you can recognize the differences between “Pant” and “Pants” on the sticker, and know that they are not and cannot be the same.

To be a successful Quality Control, you should reduce the amount of products that are rejected as a result of excellent planning and forecasting. Working with different factories means building valuable working relationships. We believe that if our procedures are as smooth as they should be, we will have no issue in managing the factory and building up a good long-term relationship. One of the important goals in this role is to keep the factories in mind at every process stage. Making sure our products are of the best quality and in the best condition, must look right and display the correct formation. They should have suitable physical properties, color fastness, and final presentation, so that our customers will stick with us. Inline with our company vision, to not let our customer down once with a defective product due to carelessness with what’s being made.

Job Descriptions:

    1. Possess a solid sense of calculation and practical knowledge to advise the merchandising team prior to sampling process
    2. Perform a raw material check on the following: fabric, lining, interlining, sewing, button, tape, sticker, polybag, hangtag, main label, and care label
    3. In charge of overseeing the cutting process by examining the pattern
    4. Verifying if the sewing is neat, the size fits with the size chart given, and the packaging complies with standard
    5. Conducts PPM with merchandising team
    6. Verify that all PPM requirements are met and submitted for approval.
    7. Review and evaluate the PPM preparation process's necessary tools (QC File, PDC, and PPS) in accordance with SOP
    8. Inspects every step of the production process
    9. Anticipates issues and responds appropriately to archive intended outcomes.
    10. Keep documents up to date, write reports, and deliver them to the concerned party.
    11. Complies with testing specifications and ensures that all test reports are filled out correctly.
    12. Train the concerned factory team, the updates, requirements and signature.
    13. Executes the SOP of quality at factories
    14. Review, evaluate, and settle claims and complaints about quality.
    15. Conduct Final inspection in accordance with AQL standard.
    16. To ensure that the factory complies with our Working Order, and follow each style's instructions regarding the No. PO, Style Name, Quantity, Color, Constructions, Measurements, Trims, and Packaging.
    17. Maintain a working relationship with the garment factory by helping them learn and by having discussions with them while they are producing (if a factory has a lot of issues, the QC must stay at the factory for 1-2 weeks).

Job Requirements:

    1. Maximum age of 28
    2. Candidate must have a bachelor's degree or above
    3. Preferably has a background in textiles or garments
    4. Possessing an IGTC certificate is a huge plus
    5. A minimum of 2 years of experience working as the quality control in a garment factory
    6. A Well-known quality system (4 point system, AQL & Major Minor Classification)
    7. Has knowledge of textile and sewing technique
    8. Has skill in analyzing the data & production problem solving
    9. Has experience in garment processes
    10. Understand basic garment pattern, allowance & shrinkage
    11. Familiar with MS Office Software
    12. Has good communication & leadership skill
    13. Able to work along with Merchandising Team
    14. Able to work under pressure and willing to do QC in Jabodetabek Bandung area
    15. Capable of working remotely in (minimum) three distinct areas